Previous Shows

The Berry Hedge End


Guys and Dolls                                                        July 2011

Titanic " Pride Of the White Star"                          April 2012

Alice in Pantoland                                                  November 2012

West Side Story                                                       July 2013

Jack and The Beanstalk                                         December 2013

Oklahoma                                                                July 2014

Dick Whittington                                                    November 2014

Sister Act                                                                  July 2015

Cinderella                                                                December 2015

42nd Street                                                              July 2016

Alladin                                                                    December 2016

Our House                                                               July 2017

Beauty & the Beast                                                 December 2017



The Point Eastleigh


Footloose                                                                  July 2010

Back to The 80's                                                       July 2009

The Buddy Holly Story                                            July 2008

My Fair Lady                                                            July 2007

Fame                                                                         July 2006

Summer Holiday                                                     July 2005

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers                            July 2004

West Side Story                                                        July 2003



Kings Community Church - Hedge End


A Night at the Musicals                                          April 2013



The Dart Centre - Hedge End


Teechers                                                                   June 2012



Hedge End Village Hall


Only the Good Die Young                                      April 2018

Who Killed the Director                                        October 2017

                                          April 2017

Who Killed the Hotel Owner                                  October 2016

PAC around the World                                            April 2016

My Generations                                                      April 2015

Night at the Movies                                                April 2014

Music Mash-up                                                       August 2012

Christmas Wonderland                                         December 2011

That's What I Call Music                                        March 2011

PAC's Got Talent                                                      April 2010

The Likes of Us                                                        April 2009


Wildern School


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers                           July 1994

West Side Story                                                       October 1993


Eastpoint Centre


The Twelve Days of Christmas                              December 2010

Cinderella                                                                December 2009

Aladdin                                                                    November 2007

Robin Hood                                                              December 2006

Alice in Wonderland                                              November 2005

The Wizard of OZ                                                    November 2004

Dick Whittington                                                    December 2003

Little Red Ridding Hood                                          December 2002

Forty Second Street                                                 July 2002

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs                      December 2001

Bugsy Malone                                                          July 2001

Babes in the Magic Wood                                       December 2000

Oklahoma                                                                July 2000

Cinderella                                                                December 1999

Crazy for You                                                           July 1999

Sleeping Beauty                                                       December 1998

Me and My Girl                                                        June 1998

Dick Whittington                                                     November 1997

The Boyfriend                                                           June 1997

Aladdin                                                                      November 1996

Half a Sixpence                                                        July 1996

Guys and Dolls                                                         October 1995

Cabaret Revue                                                          April 1995

South Pacific                                                            October 1994